The sudden slump in real estate prices may have away traditional investors, but Chinese business tycoon Mr. Gordon Tang has used the opportunity to acquire considerable assets in the US through Singapore-listed SingHaiyi Group. As the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group, he has been working closely with Executive Chairman Mr. Neil Bush and Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang (also his wife) to buy properties at throwaway prices. As business partners, they have been a part of Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which owns and manages several hotels in the US, including California.

With SingHaiyi Group, the idea is to expand to new markets and invest in real with the purpose of selling off later. The group had launched The Vales, a 517-unit executive condo project in Sengkang, in 2015, which has been more successful than market experts expected. The group also has 9% in Cromwell Property Group, which is listed in Australia and offers the required exposure that SingHaiyi Group required. Mr. Tang and his team are also looking at real estate acquisitions in Europe in the future and want to expand their stronghold and partnerships in Asia. The company already has in strong network in Singapore, USA and Malaysia.