Rethinking Real Estate Through Acquisitions: Reviewing Profile Of Tycoon Gordon Tang!

Real estate experts agree that the market trends haven’t been extremely favourable, but that hasn’t stopped Singapore-based tycoon Gordon Tang from taking risks. Mr. Tang, for the uninitiated, is the non-executive director of SingHaiyi but has a controlling interest of 62.2% holding company, Haiyi Holdings. For Gordon Tang, real estate isn’t a new venture. While they acquired the stake in SingHaiyi in 2012, the Tangs, which includes his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, have been active in Singapore real estate for a while now. They had invested in condos and strata offices, and Mr. Tang believes that success in this industry is all about strategic acquisitions. With his advice and help, SingHaiyi managed to acquire many assets in the US, Malaysia and China.

Mr. Tang is also involved with Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which owns, runs and manages many hotels under the Haiyi brand in the US. For now, Mr. Tang is trying to explore more markets and regions, and his team is studying European and Australian markets extensively to know the possible scope of exposure.  SingHaiyi already has a 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group. Certainly, acquisitions and networking are important for real estate investments, and Mr. Tang has proved that.

Quick Overview Of Gordon Tang’s Profile – The Influential Global Real Estate Tycoon!

Mr. Gordon Tang is a known real estate investor and the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi group. Known for his business acumen and understanding of real estate, Mr. Tang has emerged as one of the promising name in global real estate. Along with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang and Neil Bush (brother of former US president George bush), Gordon Tang has created an image that SingHaiyi group is now known for.

The group, which also consists of Oregon-based APIC, is involved real estate development, asset enhancement and property investment. Many hotels are owned and managed by APIC under the Haiyi brand, for which Mr. Tang serves as the Chairman. Initially, Mr. Tang started with Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in 1995, which focused on corporate investment and international trade. SingHaiyi group just enlarges the vision and takes it to the next level. The Vales, which was one of the first development projects of SingHaiyi group with 500+ condos in Sengkang, was an instant hit.

Gordon Tang also serves as the honorary chairman of Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan and is the President of Cambodia Sailing Federation. With investments in Singapore, USA and Malaysia, he promises to revamp and change the way people look at his work.

Chinese entrepreneur Gordon Tang promises a face-lift for global real estate!

The sudden slump in real estate prices may have away traditional investors, but Chinese business tycoon Mr. Gordon Tang has used the opportunity to acquire considerable assets in the US through Singapore-listed SingHaiyi Group. As the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group, he has been working closely with Executive Chairman Mr. Neil Bush and Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang (also his wife) to buy properties at throwaway prices. As business partners, they have been a part of Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which owns and manages several hotels in the US, including California.

With SingHaiyi Group, the idea is to expand to new markets and invest in real with the purpose of selling off later. The group had launched The Vales, a 517-unit executive condo project in Sengkang, in 2015, which has been more successful than market experts expected. The group also has 9% in Cromwell Property Group, which is listed in Australia and offers the required exposure that SingHaiyi Group required. Mr. Tang and his team are also looking at real estate acquisitions in Europe in the future and want to expand their stronghold and partnerships in Asia. The company already has in strong network in Singapore, USA and Malaysia.